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P.I.D. Radio 10/12/14: Blood Snakes 1

Posted on October 12, 2014 by Derek

ebolaTHE EBOLA outbreak continues to spread. A health care worker in Dallas who was part of the team treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola fatality in the US, has tested positive for the virus. And a clinic in Boston now reports that a patient there who just returned from Liberia has been taken to a hospital. Over 4,000 are dead in west Africa, and that number may be low.

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P.I.D. Radio 12/2/10: Raiders News Live 2

Posted on December 02, 2010 by Derek

RATHER THAN repeat ourselves tonight by doing a show and then another show, we’ve decided to just take it on the road and feature the hour we were honored to spend as guests on Raiders News Live with our friends, Tom and Nita Horn — and, of course, the “Wild Man of the Ozarks”, Joe Ardis.

Tom and company pretty much gave us free rein to discuss today’s NASA “astrobiology” discovery, the proposed Edgar Mitchell/Billy Meier forum, alien disclosure, the alleged Gulf of Aden stargate, transhumanism, pandemics, and our panoptic society. It’s a wild hour, and the high point may be Sharon’s speculation about why DARPA’s X-37B space drone has been orbiting Earth for nine months.

P.I.D. Radio 10/13/10: UFO Fail 8

Posted on October 13, 2010 by Derek

TODAY WAS supposed to be the day UFOs appeared over major cities around the world. As of 7PM Eastern, all we’ve seen are some mylar balloons over New York.

Also: Chilean miners rescued; Michelle Obama prays for “clean spirits”; the G20 plans a global currency; and Christianity Today offshoot promotes contemplative prayer.

Here are some of the articles linking the teachings of Chuck Pierce to kabbalah:

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