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P.I.D. Radio 11/8/14: Balkanizing the Nation 1

Posted on November 08, 2014 by Derek

balkanizationTHE AMERICAN public voted this week and swept the Republican Party to its largest majority in Congress since World War II. Exit polls showed that Democrats lost big with white voters this time around, which indicates that the country is beginning to divide politically along racial lines. This, of course, plays into the hands of the elites who will gladly keep up fighting one another so we don’t pay attention to the people behind the curtain.

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P.I.D. Radio 10/25/14: Reading the Signs Comments Off on P.I.D. Radio 10/25/14: Reading the Signs

Posted on October 25, 2014 by Derek

ebola_flightsAS WE approach Halloween, events in the news are becoming even more frightening than a well-produced haunted house: Another doctor tests positive for Ebola, and the head of CIDRAP (Center for Infectiious Disease Research and Policy) publicly worries that this is more likely to spread through aerosols┬áthan we have been told. Meanwhile, another top scientist suggests that mutations are making it more contagious than strains that have turned up in the past. Are things really that bad or does somebody want us to, like the announcer says, be afraid — be very afraid?

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P.I.D. Radio 10/19/14: Lawyer Up for Ebola Comments Off on P.I.D. Radio 10/19/14: Lawyer Up for Ebola

Posted on October 19, 2014 by Derek
Albert Pinkham Ryder "Death on a Pale Horse"

“Death on a Pale Horse” by Albert Pinkham Ryder

PRESIDENT OBAMA has appointed an “Ebola Czar”, but rather than a medical professional the president has selected Ron Klain, an attorney and influential operative within the Democrat Party. We find this odd, as the Department of Health and Human Services already has an Assistant Secretary for Readiness and Response, Dr. Nicole Lurie, who holds the rank of Rear Admiral.

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