P.I.D. Radio Special: L. A. Marzulli – Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural Conference


THE FUTURE should hold a special attraction for Christians, because in spite of the dire warnings of merciless oppression at the hands of a one-world government, it means the return of Jesus Christ for his bride, the church.

Our guest for this special show is L. A. Marzulli, one of the featured speakers at the upcoming Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural Conference, June 6th at the Renaissance Theatre in Mansfield, Ohio. For complete information about the conference — tickets, lodging, directions — click here.

Other speakers include Russ Dizdar of Shatter the Darkness, a man familiar to listeners of P.I.D. Radio, and fellow Hoosier Gary Kah, former Europe and Middle East Trade Specialist for the state of Indiana and the author of En Route to Global Occupation and The New World Religion.


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4 comments on “P.I.D. Radio Special: L. A. Marzulli – Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural Conference

  1. Christie

    I’m listening to this show with Lynn Marzulli for the second time–great show, and so glad you and Sharon are back on the air, and thrilled it’s every day now, too–I was also so glad to hear Lynn Marzulli explain that he believes the Psalm 83 request of God to defend Israel may have occured in 1967, and that the next prophecy along the same lines that might be fullfilled will be the Gog-MaGog invasion–I think I tend to agree with his idea on that, than the newer idea that Psalm 83 is still to be fulfilled–it seems to fit things much better–but, time will tell, I guess.

    I, also, agree with the idea of believing in, and looking forward to, the Rapture of the Church, but not setting the time for it to happen ‘in stone’, and especially not to argue over when it will occur–before, during, or at the end of, the tribulation/Great and terrible Day of the LORD–the Lord will be here to get us, and being aware of the actual ‘time’ this is, according to God’s prophetic ‘clock’, as He desires us to be, is the far more important thing.

  2. Michael J Duffey

    Refreshing balance for those of us who lean to C2C and other sources for alternative news. The “major” media is too cookie cutter and self serving. He who pays the piper chooses the tune.

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  4. Jerome Day

    Thank you so much Mr.Marzulli for outstaning research of the endtimes. Yes I agree that the church as fallen asleep or turns its back to the true teachings of the Bible. I have talked with many friends from different religious back grounds and no one will talk about Bible Phophecy or Revelations. I do have question for you. Could you talk about the rapture in detail, There are churches who talk about it, and there are churches who do not belive in the Rapture. Could you please share some of your thoughts on this issue. I would be very greatful if you would sometime. Thank you a may God continue to Bless you as you get the word out to us all.

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