VFTB: Christian Cyberpunk Author Frank Creed


Frank Creed

CHRISTIAN and cyberpunk are two words that don’t usually appear in the same sentence. Thanks to author Frank Creed, we may soon see them together on a regular basis.

Frank is the author of the startlingly inventive speculative fiction novel FlashPoint: Book 1 of the Underground, described by some as The Matrix with a Christian worldview. That’s not quite accurate, but it gives you an idea of the attitude and action in Flashpoint.

We talked about Frank’s background, his vision, why he writes, and for whom.

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13 comments on “VFTB: Christian Cyberpunk Author Frank Creed

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, look who posted above me! My daughter read all her books! That’s a coincidence to see her here. I KNEW I picked a good author for my daughter to read!

    All that having been said, this one looks like a neat show, can’t wait to listen. Can you please post the picture of Sam at the G-8? He is a great “show sidekick”.

  2. Steven Fivecats

    Great interview. Frank’s book puts a new spin on the End Times storyline. I think a most sobering aspect of what might really happen here in America. These are fun, yet sobering books at the same time.

  3. Frank Creed

    Thanks fot the gracious comments!
    I wonder about all the Jews at the time of Christ, who just knew the Messiah would come to liberate them from the Romans . . . could our sub-culture be doing the same thing?

    End-times prophecy is a mere back backdrop in Flashpoint. It enters the plotline in War of Attrition–November 2009, The Writer’s Cafe Press

  4. Frank Creed

    Thank you!
    The feedback from this interview has been wonderful. I can tell it’s impacted my Amazon rating, which means books have sold.

    Thank you Derek Gilbert!


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