VFTB 009: Von Glitschka — Christians and Art


Von Glitschka

VON GLITSCHKA is a successful freelance illustrator and graphic designer with an edgy style, sort of the antithesis of Thomas Kinkade. As such, he occasionally catches criticism from those who find his beliefs intolerant as well as from those who find his work too, well, edgy for comfort.

Our conversation deals with his journey to faith and the challenges that he faces as a Christian who uses his talents for secular clients who want his designs to help them sell stuff.

Check out Von’s website for samples of his work, and click here for a look at his brilliant cover design for the new edition of Derek’s novel Iron Dragons.

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6 comments on “VFTB 009: Von Glitschka — Christians and Art

  1. Nick

    Thank you Derek for having Von Glitschka on PID radio, his personal testimony was really a God send to me. I am an aspiring graphic designer who is in his first year in college and let me just say that the environment can be very ungodly. Which has at many times caused great grief in my life (some times making me think of leave the place). But to see a successful brother in the Lord in this type of work is really uplifting. Thank God, thank Von and thank you again Derek.

  2. Aaron

    As a Christian and an illustrator, this interview really speaks to me. In my experience, the majority of Christians do not much care for the creative minds of artists. We are too willing to ask awkward questions about faith and its symbolism. Having a questioning and imaginative mind is too often misread as rebellion and obstinacy. Mr. Glitschka’s point concerning speaking in tongues without an interpreter is a case in-point. Just trying to bring up a Bible-backed point such as this to tongue-talking believers will not get a good response. I know, I have tried.

    Unfortunately, it is amongst pagans, secularists and such where an artist will find the warmest welcome, at least at first. Once you start making stands concerning your faith (such as refusing to create pornographic art), you will find out who really has the “open minds”. Expect cold shoulders and even open disdain, but also look for chances to state your faith. Someone may need to hear it.

  3. Chris M

    It’s Monday, and after I clicked on “refresh” on iTunes no less than five times in frustration, I remembered the new format. Bummer.

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  5. Ken Fresquez

    I have been listening to PID for about a year. I am finally listening to VFTB with the subject Christian Artist. I dealt with issues much my life in this area. I am an artist from my youth. I struggled with the fact after becoming a believer on how art would fit in my life. This program on your podcast is very encouraging to me. I have been returning to my love (my first love if Jesus of course) of art recently as I share art with my two children. I revived my old cartoon characters as new bedtime stories for them. We draw them together now. I hope to post my work on line and also create some illustrated booklets. In the past, I also was involved in radio, TV and video as well as music. Thank you for this program.
    In His Care,
    Ken Fresquez

  6. Someone

    Most of the manufactured shapes today seem to be elliptical rather than based on the circle, triangle, or rectangle. The ellipse is determined by two reference points, of course. I wonder if this is supposed to represent the postmodern worldview.

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