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A SECRETIVE religious group that wields power in Washington, D.C. and other world capitals — sounds like the basis for Dan Brown’s next novel, but it’s real.

Jeff Sharlet, author of The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, has been following this group for years, even living at The Family’s headquarters for a time. What he found is a group that justifies its pursuit of political power by claiming that it’s for the kingdom of God.

Read Jeff’s original expose of The Family, “Jesus Plus Nothing”, at Harper’s Magazine online.

Christians are taking heat for The Family from the likes of The Huffington Post and MSNBC. The irony is that The Family isn’t promoting a Christian agenda, but a New Age agenda. See Constance Cumbey’s five-part series The Family and its Hijacking of Evangelicalism.

As Jeff Sharlet asked, where is the outrage from influential evangelicals?

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7 comments on “VFTB 014: Jeff Sharlet — The Family

  1. Tim

    Derek, Great Show with Mr.Sharlet. Don’t you feel though that we’re just scratching the surface with the topic of “the Infiltration of the Church?” I hope you can get Constance Cumbey on in the near future! Looking forward to next weekend’s programs especially hearing from Mr. Kennedy, again. One correction though, I believe if you check your History,you’ll find it was said that Mussolini was the one who “made the trains run on time” not Hitler. However, Hitler did make a great highway (The Autobahn) for American Armored Divisions to run on. Probably, helped to end the War in Europe, sooner. Blessings,Tim

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  3. Not Clear

    I am not clear about the recent references to Zionism on PID. A couple podcasts ago it was mentioned by Leonard Ulrich but much of that podcast was unclear. Now Derek is bringing it up and expounding about not confusing political Israel with “spiritual” Israel. Is this replacement theology? Is PID on the side of those who sees no significance to current Israel in prophecy (or any thing else)? Just wondering.

    I have been following PID for some time and can not recall a position on Israel being discussed.

  4. Derek

    No, we do not promote replacement theology, and I apologize for giving you that impression. God clearly has a role for Israel, and by that we mean the Jews, in the coming spiritual end game.

    However, the enemy, and by that we mean the Fallen, sees value in twisting that information for their own purposes. Just as atrocities were committed in Christ’s name during the Crusades and the Inquisition (albeit fewer than secular historians would lead us to believe), so too are ungodly things perpetrated by the political leaders of Israel the nation-state (and their supporters in the Western world). By confusing and blurring the understanding of scripture, the enemy can lead otherwise well-meaning believers into supporting everything that benefits the worldly agenda of Israel’s secular political leadership or rejecting the Jews entirely.

    Neither interpretation is correct, in our view. The nation-state of Israel should not be confused with “the Jews”, but the church is most certainly not Israel.

  5. Carolyn

    You did an excellent job!!! After doing extensive research on Dominionism, I am so glad someone is finally connecting the dots. Keep up the good work.

    You may be interested in reading this online book. As you know Dominionism is really Latter Rain doctrine.


    Also, you may want to research Quantum Spirituality.

  6. Tosco

    Beim Prometheus, Phillip!
    Thanks for the “Dominionist Enlightenment”, but, you know, studiousness doesn’t compensate heavy thinking.
    See you.

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