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BRIDGING THE worlds of science and faith, Dr. Michael Bennett (A/K/A Doctor Future) uses his God-given gifts of reason and curiosity to explore the stories behind the stories, much as we do on P.I.D. Radio. His radio show, Futurequake, airs weekday afternoons from 4:00 to 4:30PM Central (GMT -6) on WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, Tennessee.

Last year, Mike was blessed with the opportunity to speak before one of the many New Age groups that seeks to open portals to beings from the supernatural realm, the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences. They hope to integrate the inner (spiritual) self with the outer (physical) self. That is, of course, something we Christians know will happen someday anyway, but not the way the IIIHS or its affiliates expect.

Especially if they keep messing with interdimensional portals.

We also talked about the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which is prominently featured in Dan Brown’s new novel, The Lost Symbol.

See and hear Mike’s presentation to the IIIHS by clicking here (opens a Powerpoint presentation file) and here (opens an mp3 audio file).

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7 comments on “VFTB 016: Doctor Future

  1. John Gerson

    In what way does the IIIHS error differ from classic “gratia infusa” in the Roman cult?

    IIIHS? Come on, check out the emblem of the Society of Jesus. See any relationship?

    World Council of Churches: Unity under the fatherhood of God and the motherhood of Rome. Not so?

    My little children, keep yourselves from idols.

  2. Ana Blanco

    Hi Derek, I love your shows, your voice and your work!.
    I also love Dr.Future, thanks for this interview.
    Could you tell me where I can download the book “The hidden Dangers of the Rainbow”

  3. Stephen DeNagy

    I tried downloading the Powerpoint but it errors out stating it is protected by DRM or password. Is it corrupted or is there an unencrypted version?

  4. Whomsoever

    @Stephen DeNagy

    You probably already figured this out, but try clicking the “Open as Read Only” button when the “error” box pops up in Powerpoint.

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