VFTB 025: Doug Elwell — Osiria



BEFORE THE flood of Noah, the world was very different. Continuing the theme of last week’s discussion with Judd Burton, we talk with researcher and author Doug Elwell about the Ancient Near East in the days of Atlantis.

Doug talked about a land, nearly hidden in myth, known to researchers as “Osiria”, after the Egyptian god. The ancient Egyptians remembered that Osiria, led by Athens, fought a war against Atlantis just before the Flood. What evidence remains of this antediluvian world? Who was the god-man Osiris? And why are some secret societies apparently trying to recreate the technology of the ancient world?

Click here to read Doug’s four-part article on Osiria, and you’ll find his four-part series on Atlantis by clicking here. Doug’s book Mysterious World: Ireland is available at Amazon.com.

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