VFTB 026: Peter Levenda — Freemasons and the Founding of America


The Secret Temple

ASK 13 people about the Freemasons and you’ll get 33 different opinions. Are they a Luciferian cult that’s been plotting world domination for centuries, or are they just a fraternal group that likes to hang out together, volunteer in their communities, and drive funny little cars in parades?

Our guest tonight has researched the roots of Freemasonry and the Craft’s influence on the United States. Peter Levenda, author of the new book The Secret Temple: Masons, Mysteries, and the Founding of America, discussed the history, rituals, and symbols of Freemasonry, the brotherhood’s connection to groups like Scientology, Theosophy, and the Mormons, and why it all matters.

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4 comments on “VFTB 026: Peter Levenda — Freemasons and the Founding of America

  1. David éand Myriam Thélémaque

    Glad to know that you’re well and productive, educating the reality-information lacking public. Please keep it up, speaking out more frequently and louder.


    David and Myriam

  2. Jonn

    Did he say that Solomon’s Temple was a replica of a pagan temple?
    Did he actually say that and did Derek let it pass?

    GOD gave Moses the plan and it is also stated in the Bible that Solomon built the Temple according the plans God gave Moses. So who is copying the pagans? Moses? David? God?

    This is what we get when we rely strictly on the research of unbelievers.

  3. Jonn

    Correction: the Bible says Solomon built the Temple according to plans God gave DAVID.
    Both Moses and David received directions from God.

    Did the Moses who warned against using the magic arts of the Egyptians use those magic arts?
    Oh please!

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