VFTB 028: Chris White — The 2012 Deception



THREE YEARS from now, the world will explode. Or mankind will be transformed into ascended beings — or maybe nothing will happen at all.

Chris White has been researching the growing interest in the year 2012 and talks about who’s promoting the idea and why. See his research at www.The2012Deception.net, and give a listen to his podcasts Nowhere to Run and The Frank and Chris Show at the Revelations Radio Network.

Also: check out our three-part interview from 2006 with David Duncan on The Year 2012 Scam.

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13 comments on “VFTB 028: Chris White — The 2012 Deception

  1. Nate

    Chris is correct. I suspect that the reason for a Facist dictatorial system is so that it can be destroyed and replaced with a false new age peace where they bring their New Age Christ to power. The key will be that they will continue to denounce true Christians when they bring this system to power.
    My brother and I always say, “Why did they reveal this Facist takeover when they already controlled the world and we did not even notice”. The facist form of world government is waking many and making us mad. I suspect that they plan to let this system fall and their New Age Christ will be the one they present to the world and the one who defeated the NWO. Now, an easy way to reveal this is to make sure that when they take down the facist form of world government, you do not let them put a peaceful form of world government in its place. Support a sovereign state with a weakened federal Government. Let the states rule the Feds instead of the feds ruling the states and then they will be revealed because they will not allow a sovereign America to exists even when their leader comes to power. They will also requires the one world religion to remain in place under the guise of keeping the peace.

  2. Alan in San Diego

    “Australian singer/songwriter Steve Grace. It’s the title track from his 2005 CD New Day Coming.”

    Thanks, Derek, I’ve wondered about that song also. The CD is out of print however I was able to find a new copy from one of Amazon dot com’s sellers for a whopping $3.50 + shipping. A darn good bargain in my book and I didn’t snag the last disc either if anyone else wants one. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the Chris White interview too. I’ve followed along on his youtube channel for a while. I’ll check out his podcasts. Didn’t know he was doing those, thanks.

  3. Derek

    Good catch, Phil! And Alan, I still find myself singing along with New Day Coming at full volume after five years of using it as our theme song. Mr. Grace is a talent and a spirit-filled believer.

  4. outOfactor

    Great Interview! There are vast scenarios that can be played out. What was not mentioned was the return of the fallen angels and how they carry out satans’ evil plan according to the Bible. God’s doctrines and His prophetic messages keep all of on our toes. What I do know is lots made big money with the prosperity gospel and are presently making big money selling survival supplies and promoting 2012 and end time events. I am not deceived by these or other tactics or ‘point of contacts’. With the name dropping, patting each other on the back and promoting each other and gloating about the wonderful lives you have and the big spread you got does not impress me nor does what you own make me want to believe you. Derek and Sharon do fair handed interviews and I congratulate you on that.

  5. Bhowie777

    Well, The double take so to speak, is exactly the mission statement of the Illuminati. Order out of chaos. They pretty much tell you their actions. The Idea that they would use the Harsh world order oppressing the people as a bad guy set up to offer the real Beast as the solution really sounds like a great way to deceive some of the more educated population. I think this theory is spot on.

  6. Christie

    I not only agree with Chris White’s take on all this, echoed by Nate in his note, and also echoed by others on here–I totally loved Derek’s line, “A floor wax AND a dessert topping!”–since, that’s exactly what satan is trying to get us all to buy into, concerning his “one size ‘really does’ fit all”, interchangeable-theories-style propaganda, surrounding 12/21/12. I really loved this interview–thank you, Derek, and Chris.

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  8. mark in frankfort

    Hello: while listening to this program, did i understand Derek correctly, that you think Dave Duncan may have passed away? is there no way to look into this and find out for sure?

    Dave’s interviews and his website have been of great particular interest to me since i discovered him through PID 4 yrs ago. i once had a close friend who had been heavily involved in occult practises before being saved by the Lord. my friend also, like Dave, told me many things about “the plan”. the th8ings my friend told me matched so many things that Dave Duncan said.

  9. Derek Gilbert

    Mark, we’ve tried the phone numbers and email address we have for Dave, and no dice. We’ve mentioned this a few times during P.I.D. Radio episodes, and we’ve simply not heard from Dave or from anyone who knows Dave personally in a couple of years.

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