VFTB 029: Paul & Phillip Collins — Blackwater and Mystical Imperialism



APPARENTLY ONE can shoot people with impunity, if you have a security contract with the U.S. government and you do your shooting in Baghdad. That’s the takeaway from the District Court ruling last week that exonerated five Blackwater contractors who were accused of killing 17 Iraqis without provocation on the streets of Baghdad in September, 2007.

Evidence collected for the case indicates that Erik Prince, Blackwater’s founder and CEO, encouraged his employees to rack up body counts of hajis and adopted call signs based on the medieval Knights Templar — which is ironic, as guests Paul and Phillip Collins point out, because the Templars were heavily influenced by Muslim secret societies like the Assassins.

What does it all mean? The brothers Collins connect the dots and integrate Blackwater into a larger, more disturbing picture: a global neo-gnostic jihad in which the heresy of Dominionism competes with radical Islam and the New Age movement to create a literal heaven on Earth — by assimilating or wiping out those who disagree.

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25 comments on “VFTB 029: Paul & Phillip Collins — Blackwater and Mystical Imperialism

  1. James A Burt

    There is a theory that Blackwater is actually the Knights of Malta and that the war in the Middle East is in fact a Crusade at the behest of the Vatican which runs CIA, etc.

  2. Mark Blicharz

    Did not appreciate the pornography (4 overweight girls in bikinis) at the steal this podcast site.


  3. Phillip D. Collins

    James A. Burt,

    We do not subscribe to Jesuit-Vatican conspiracy theories and I would highly recommend that you stop subscribing to them as well. They are baseless garbage.

    Mark Blicharz,
    That photo was used by our producer as comedic satire. We did not select it. Besides, there was no nudity. Tasteless, but hardly pornographic.

    Do you suppose you could comment on the substance of the shows instead?

  4. James A Burt

    Tell that to Jeremy Scahill, author of “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army”. Here he is on DemocracyNow with Amy Goodman affirming that Joseph Schmitz COO of The Prince Group owner of Blackwater is a Knight of Malta–


    Incidently, Schmitz attended Georgetown Preparatory School and was later an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University in the 1990s–


  5. James A Burt

    Sorry to be tiresome, but guess what? George Tenet Director of Central Intelligence 1997 – 2004 holds a bachelor’s degree (1976) from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and is currently Distinguished Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at Georgetown University.


    Also, Robert Gates, current Defence Secretary and former CIA head 1991 – 1993 completed his doctorate in Russian and Soviet History from Georgetown University in 1974.


    Then there’s Bill Clinton who attended the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., receiving a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (B.S. F.S.) degree in 1968.


    Also Douglas Feith Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, 2001-2005 attended Georgetown University Law Center, receiving his J.D. magna cum laude in 1978. After resigning Defense Feith joined the faculty of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, as a Professor and Distinguished Practitioner in National Security Policy for a two year stint.


  6. Phillip D. Collins


    Sigh. Tenuous ties. Going to Georgetown does not automatically make one an “arch conspirator.” That is the sort of fluff that conspiracy theories are made of.

    I take it that you are an adherent of Eric Jon Phelps. If so, here are some fun facts
    about “researchers” of his ilk.

    1. Phelps claims that John McCone was a conspirator with James
    Angleton in the assassination. McCone was a friend of the Kennedys
    and a Kennedy appointee.

    2. Phelp’s contentions are merely a rehash of the theories of Alberto
    Rivera, a man who claimed to be a former Jesuit. Rivera had been
    involved in a number of criminal activity including writing bad
    checks, fraud, and credit card theft. He claimed to be collecting
    money for a Spanish college, but the college never received any of
    the money he was collecting. At one point he said he left the
    Catholic Church in 1952, but then changed his tune and said he left
    in 1967. He claimed to have received three doctorates, but his own
    chronology does not allow for the time required to earn any of those.
    He later admitted to having received these doctorates from a Colorado
    diploma mill. He said he had children with his wife at a time when
    his own chronology holds he was a celibate monk. Rivera was a con-
    artist and he acts as the foundation of Phelp’s entire hypothesis.

    3. Phelps refers to himself as a “White Seventh-day Baptist Freeman.”
    Such talk bears eerie resemblance to something one would hear from
    white-separatists and supremacists of the Southern, anti-Catholic
    variety, i.e. the KKK.

    4. Phelps claims that the Inquisitions claimed 68 million people.
    That is absurd. The Inquisitions were localized events that occurred
    in France, Spain, and Italy. The populations of these countries were
    nowhere close to 68 million, not even combined. Spread the
    inquisitions out over six centuries and you still would not have 68
    million people executed. The populations were not large enough to
    accommodate such a genocide. You got to have a population exceeding
    68 million people to allow for a genocide of 68 million people.

    5. It is true the Cardinal Spellman was close to Henry Luce of Time
    Magazine and Skull and Bones fame. It is even true that he backed the
    CIA puppet Diem as Prime Minister of Vietnam. It is true he was a
    Knight of Malta. But Phelps uses all of this to make a gross
    oversimplification and jump to the conclusion that this all means
    that Spellman was running the CFR. The CFR is made up of mostly
    Eastern Establishment families that are predominantly WASP that place
    no stock in the metaphysical claims of the Vatican or its
    representatives. They are not afraid of being excommunicated or sent
    to hell by Rome because, as White Anglo Saxon Protestants, they were
    never Catholics that could be excommunicated and they don’t believe
    the Rome has the power to condemn them to hell.

    6. Phelps presents us with a ridiculous dualistic world-view with the
    good Protestants fighting evil Catholic. Martin Luther advocated
    killing peasants, Anabaptists, and destroying Jewish Synagogues. He
    prostituted himself out to the German Princes, giving them the
    theological and philosophical justification to ignore the Catholic
    Church and establish their own secular governments. He was also
    connected to the Rosicrucians and his own friend Philip Melanchton
    described Luther as suffering from “Manichean delirium.” Henry VIII
    killed Thomas More. John Calvin killed Michael Servetus. The
    Anabaptists took control of the town of Munster and killed many
    people there. Are you still sure the Protestants are lily-white?

    7. JFK assassination conspirator David Ferrie was not a Roman
    Catholic. He had been a Bishop in the American Orthodox Catholic
    Church which thumbed its nose at Rome. How does Phelps reconcile his
    theory with that fact.

    Phelps is doing a horrible injustice to the fields of parapolitics,
    deep politics, elite criminality, and political conspiracy. He is
    taking some truths, half-truths, outright lies, disinformation,
    innuendo and sensationalism and blending it in a hopes of validating
    his pre-existing religious bigotry.

    By the way, I say this all as a non-Catholic.

    Terry Melanson, the author of the outstanding book “Perfectibilists,” has refuted a majority of the claims made by Vatican-Jesuit conspiracy theorists. His refutation can be read at:


  7. Phillip D. Collins

    BTW, never once does Scahill conclude that the Knights of Malta or the Vatican are controlling anything. He is merely noting the connection, which suggests that there are reactionary elements entrenched in Roman Catholicism. That hardly implies that the Vatican-Jesuits are a “monolithic conspiracy.” Obviously, they are not.

    You are reading your own private interpretations into Scahill’s work to affirm your presuppositions. In turn, your presuppositions appear to be inspired by religious bigotry.

    Learn to contextualize a researcher’s statements. When a statement is ripped from its borader informational gestalt, it can be construed to mean anything.

  8. MLO

    As someone who has watched the various Michigan factions – and having tie-ins with Lansing politicians – I find it disturbing that no one has addressed the ties that Eric Prince and his ilk had to the various Michigan Militia types. I remember when they first started infiltrating the various survivalist types. There is a very strong thread of that sort of political thinking that runs in Western Michigan that the rest of the country seems to be oblivious to. This, of course, may be because Detroit political shenanigans overshadow the dealings in Dutch Reformed country.

  9. Bert

    Phillip Rocks ! and I hope Derek is feeling better saw something about the flu I had it 2 months ago and it was a knock down drag out battle for me…

    I remember a show with phelps on the freeman perspective where the topic was, Phelps was making the claim that the earth stood motionless and the universe spun around it. That He was concerned and wanted to warn the people about this nasa conspiracy- lol

    Then Freeman starts to daydream about being a rainbow warrior rep. for the united states and says sorry to Noory of roast and toast am. Cause he got to dance around a campfire with a bunch of mexicans wearing grass skirts.

    following episode he is mad and upset because the rainbow grass skirt wearing mexicans tried to bum money of him. (I’m sorry had to share that its just funny to me).

    Also MLO is correct concerning Michigan Militia types. I believe that this mindset is present largely due to the fact, That the big three auto makers wrecked that state, by pulling out years ago. The People there have been reduced to rubble, its a bad deal all around.

    It appears Ohio may follow suit with DHL and Blackhawk just to name a few that have went overseas or belly up.

  10. MLO

    The West side mentality is much more defined by the withdrawal of the pharmaceuticals and the furniture manufacturers. A lot of people don’t realize that the West Side of Michigan was not Auto-intensive. Detroit did influence this to some degree, but you mostly have 3rd and 4th tier suppliers for the autos in West Michigan.

    Thank goodness Governor Milliken put protections in for Michigan’s natural resources when he was governor that subsequent administrations haven’t been able to destroy. It is the only reason the state is not completely destitute.

  11. MLO

    Oh, I almost forgot, Amway (or whatever they are calling it today) is closely linked with Eric Prince. Amway is very much structure like a cult.

  12. Christie

    Well, since all old-type “conspiracies” are on the “outs”, now, I suppose that only leaves us with this, which has always been true, and will never be proven to be anything but true–and, I hope no one attempts to expose it as being nonsense, as well, because, when it comes to “things concrete and factual”, that give us something strong, and tangible on which to ‘hang our hats’, for all time, it’s God’s Word–if it isn’t genuinely infallible, and hasn’t been preserved and protected for us, by God, Himself, down through the ages, then on what, pray tell, can we hang those ‘hats’ of ours, at the end of it all–on the will-o-the-wisp-word of man, that has an annoying habit of changing, seemingly on a daily basis?:

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”[Ephesians 6:12 KJV]

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  14. Katie

    Me and my dog run the world, and we are tired of you giving credit to these king author round table sir this and that types. Honestly, most of them seem too busy playing golf,talking to plants,etc.

    We did get denied CIA and NSA jobs for not being catholic though. you got to be lapsed catholic to get CIA. MI 5 actually came out. The last good man i saw who could speak plain english, i might add. God save the queen!

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