VFTB 030: Pastor Ken Silva — The Hijacking of Evangelical Christianity


Wolf in sheep's clothing

HOW DO Christians know what to think when our pastors bring teachings into church that are rooted in heresy or the occult? Discernment, that’s how. Know the genuine article so you can spot the counterfeit.

Our guest has made a ministry of pointing out false doctrine in some of the brightest lights in American Churchianity today, from evangelicals like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen to charismatics like Rick Joyner and Todd Bentley. Pastor Ken Silva is the President of Apprising Ministries and the General Editor of Christian Research Net. We discussed the hijacking of conservative evangelical denominations by New Age mysticism and how to spot these dangerous teachings.

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10 comments on “VFTB 030: Pastor Ken Silva — The Hijacking of Evangelical Christianity

  1. John Gerson

    Remarkable expose by brother Silva. He very accurately pins the counter reformation label on these infiltrators. Nevertheless, may it not be forgotten that the sixteenth century reformers would have nothing to do with pan-millennialism. They had a clear historicist view of the Revelation and a unanimous understanding of the identity of AntiChrist. It was the arch counter-reformationist sons of Loyola who brought us futurism and preterism in the persons of Ribera, Lacunza and Alcazar which have so clouded and confused the eschatological landscape for today’s Bible believers that they are still waiting for AntiChrist to be revealed. All in all, three cheers for Ken Silva!

  2. Rose Richardson

    Sliva is well referenced and well studied on the New Age poison creeping into the Evangelical church. I would wager that the late Dr. Walter Martin would have seen this “new” movement of emergent church and contemplative movement as a kind of cult. Martin defined cult as simply as a group that would say: Jesus AND….. Where Jesus was not just quite enough to bring us to salvation and into God’s presence.

  3. eyesofGreen

    Thank You so much for interviewing Mr. Silva I had never heard of him before..But He is spot on and doing what He is supposed to do calling out the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  4. Deb

    Once again, I hear Catholic bashing on an evangelical network. I would be more receptive to what’s being said if Mr. Silva didn’t get into the anti-Catholic attitude. I was raised Catholic, turned to anti-catholicism and Fundamentalism for many years, but turned back to Catholicism and the “truth”.!!! Anti-catholics have to realize that many of the traditions of the Catholic church were handed down by the apostles long before the Scriptures were canonized!!

  5. John Gerson

    Please do your homework and discover, as I have, that futurism sprang directly out of the counter reformation as a means of distracting and disarming the consensus view of the 16th century reformers. These reformers and the churches they founded held an absolutely unanimous historicist view for 300 years that the papacy was the little horn of Daniel 7 that sprang out of and provided a continuation for Roman rule in the person of the AntiChrist. The extent to which futurism marks modern “evangelicalism” really is a gauge as to how much it has been infiltrated, disemboweled and compromised by the forces of the counter reformation.

  6. Listener

    Futurism is not a conspiracy promulgated by the Catholic church to discredit the Protestant reformation, as I heard at an SDA prophecy seminar.

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  8. Andrew Bunce

    I have to disagree with John Gershon’s comment above. the Premillenialist and Pre-tribulational eschatology is based not on Roman Catholic Jesuit propaganda, but rather on a plain reading of 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 2 Thessalonians 2 and the 70th Week of Daniel prophecy in Daniel 9:20-27. The Roman Catholic Church is Amillennial and Preterist in their eschatology…so is the vast majority of “evangelicalism” today.

    Although Luther and the other Reformers identified the Pope as the Antichrist, I think I understand why they would have identified him as such…just as there were evangelical leaders who have identified Hitler and Stalin as the Antichrist. As a believer in the Pre-trib and Pre-mill eschatology, I base my conclusions off of Scriptural, prophetic evidence in the Old Testament and New…not commentaries or allegorizations of prophecy, which usually goes hand-in-hand with Replacement Theology. Most of the Last days prophecies of the Old Testament deal in judgment of the unrepentant “nations” (goyim) and the reinstituted state of Israel. It also deals in Israel’s corporate redemption by the “pierced One” of Zechariah 12:10. I believe from Scripture that the Church will not be there, but will rather be in the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb” (Revelationn 19). I don’t see how this has come from the Jesuits.

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