P.I.D. Radio 1/24/11: Rumors of War


WHILE RUSSIA deals with the horrific aftermath of what looks like a terrorist bombing at its largest airport, tensions in the Middle East rise with news of Iranian warships on the way to the eastern Mediterranean to support what some are calling “Hezbollah’s coup”.  The powers and principalities are busy behind the scenes.

Meanwhile: Chicago PD develops a department of pre-crime; Rahm Emanuel kicked off Chicago’s mayoral ballot; and atheists not necessarily opposed to Intelligent Design.

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  2. Christie C.

    Speaking of those who think we were ‘seeded’ here by aliens, who somehow ‘seeded’ themselves–it reminds me of a joke that’s been going around these days, that really highlights the foolishness contained in that thinking–as though man is so smart, and so talented, he no longer even needs to entertain the idea of God as our Creator, let alone ever needing Him for anything:

    Satan asked God that, if he could do all that God could do, then he would prove to God that he should be pardoned, and be allowed to do as he pleased forever more–God then said, “Ok–if you can make a human being, I’ll view that as your being ‘all that’, and pardon you.” Satan, suddenly all full of himself and overly confident as usual, agreed, and then bent down to pick up a handful of soil to begin making his version of a man–that’s when God stopped him, and said, “Oh, no–That’s my dirt–you go make your own!”


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