P.I.D. Radio 5/15/11: Goodbye, Fourth Amendment


THE SUPREME Court of Indiana ruled last week that “a right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy and is incompatible with modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence.” In other words, if police break in your door without a warrant, either let them in or go to jail for resisting and try to prove yourself innocent later.

This ruling overturns common law dating back nearly 800 years, to the English Magna Carta of 1215. It effectively strikes down the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. And with the development of new high-tech surveillance tools, we’re coming very close to the total surveillance state described in 1984, Eagle Eye, and Enemy of the State.

Elsewhere: head of IMF arrested on sex assault charge; Himmler’s crystal skull found; leopard sharks dying off California of hemorrhagic disease; and Russian cult believes Vladimir Putin is reincarnation of St. Paul.

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  1. Tea Ice

    Please add a list of suggested movies! Like EagleEye. Thanks!!

    Liked the format of the show. Somehow it seemed more like a news report, I could see the news desk on nightly news in my mind. Reminds me of Jack Van Impe and his wife before he went dark side. I liked their rapport and team play. Y’all too.

    Glad to hear Derek’s getting plenty of Vitamin D (Russ Dizdar).

    You do know about http://www.ffmp3.org especially the “Audio Sermons” “FFFC Catalog” drop down. (site was a bit slow when I checked a bit ago)
    It’s the Fire Fighters For Christ MP3 library. Plenty of Missler, Stedman, etc.

    I’d like to hear more from Sharon on what could cause the oceans and waters to turn to blood.

    Such as…

    “And what, you ask, of the hypoxia (dead zone) in the gulf of mexico, from fertilizer runoff? Well first, the cause of fertilizer runoff is that farmers get paid to grow corn, and ammonia makes corn grow.”

    Folks don’t understand tribulation as hammering. It’s going to be really wet in Louisiana when hurricane season comes, due to the flooding going on now. I say this thinking of Russ Dizdar and family losing their house to black mold up where they’re at and y’all having to bail-out the new house.

    Now this is going to seem a bit off-the-wall, but you know how the Tardis in Dr. Who gets hit by lightning bolts as they travel… which of course reminds me of Dorothy and the Tornado in the Wizard of OZ, but I digress.

    Perhaps increased storms, quakes, lightning, and such are a result of increased trans-dimensional travel or opening portals? There seems to be rather a lot of that going on in the Revelation.

  2. The Manssss

    What you failed to mention is that the incident first started outside the home and as the Police tried to intervene they fled back into the house. The Police believed the wife was in danger. The man then blocked the door and attached the Police office.

    The police had probable cause.

  3. Terry Hill

    Hi Sharon and Derek,

    I’ve been wanting to read your latest report on the Fourth Amendment and found there isn’t the “Play Arrow” underneath any of your posts. I even went into the archives and there weren’t any play arrows there either. It may be just my computer, but thought you should know. VFTB is fine.

    Hope all is well,


    Terry Hill

  4. Derek

    Hi, Terry,

    That’s really odd. The file is uploaded and the player is displaying just fine on my Windows Vista laptop. I’m using Firefox. What browser do you use?

  5. Terry Hill


    I have Internet Explorer, Windows XP. I checked PID yesterday and I’m pretty sure the play arrow was there but couldn’t listen at that time. Please understand I’m not as computer savvy (my excuse is that I’m a 58 year old grandmother) as I have been in the past. The arrows still aren’t there, but again it may just be my computer. I’ll check back tomorrow.

    Thank you for your prompt reply,


    Terry Hill

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