P.I.D. Radio 7/10/11: Adventures in Africa


EARTH HAS a brand new country this weekend, the Republic of South Sudan. Forgive us for being skeptical, but we wonder if the push to convince Americans of the need to intervene has anything to do with the fact that 3/4 of Sudan’s oil reserves are in the newly independent nation.

Also: Baubles for oil in Uganda; Palestinians to ask for UN membership; Rick Perry aligns with IHOP (and we don’t mean for pancakes); and bloodless Christianity.

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2 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 7/10/11: Adventures in Africa

  1. Sad but true.

    I am sorry but you guys are just Premillennialist dispensationalism meets American survivalism. Love of enemies is treated as a misguided strategy associated not with the gospel, but with the Antichrist.

    Ultimately, it is not your interpretation of the end times that troubles me so much as your interpretation of Christianity. It is devoid of any real theology, or substantial Christology, or any ethics that are recognizably Christian. This is a vision of unredeemed Christianity.

  2. Sam

    @Sad, you can’t just use big words to win an argument: Some of us know what those words mean! The Gilberts are Crystal Clear on their Christology and stand on some concrete ethics. Nor do they preach anything BUT loving enemies… listen to a few shows before you criticize.

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