P.I.D. Radio 9/25/11: Palestine Rising


TOMORROW IS an historic day. The UN Security Council takes up the issue of Palestinian statehood. The Obama administration faces a delicate choice: Veto the Palestinian bid, approve it, or abstain. It’s a no-win situation. Could it be the “cup of trembling” described in scripture?

Also: Putin to return as Russian president; tensions build between US and Pakistan; Qaddafi recruits an army from Saharan tribe; Rob Bell resigns from Mars Hill; and US economy on the brink.

Please keep David Flynn in your prayers.  His health has taken a serious turn.  You can find his previous interviews on PID Radio by clicking here.

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  1. John Greer

    Thanks for pointing to your past shows with David Flynn during this show… I’m working on 3D animation this week and next and that means I can listen to your shows while I tweak and tweak and tweak!!! WHOO-HOO!! 🙂

    Much love to you brother & sister,

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