Pardon the Interruption!


WE ARE remiss in not posting a status update here. Sharon has been fighting a virus for the last two weeks, so we haven’t produced a new show since September 25th. We’ve posted notes at Twitter and Facebook but not here at the site. A couple of emails this week made it clear that we goofed by not updating you here as well.

God willing, we’ll have a new program online Sunday the 16th. Thank you for your patience!

4 comments on “Pardon the Interruption!

  1. The Whyman

    Try to keep as active as you have the strength to do so- and within reason. It has been shown that excerise is more beneficial for combatting illness than rest.

  2. Elaine

    been fighting the crud myself but my daughter-in-law gave me Buckley’s cough mixture…..the most amazing help ever! Just tastes really BAD!

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