P.I.D. Radio 12/11/11: Arab Spring, European Winter


WE NOTE with some sadness that what many thought would be the beginning of democratic reform in Egypt, Libya, and elsewhere in the Middle East is turning out to be something different.  The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups have risen to power in Egypt and Libya, and there are reports that the U.S. government is now arming the military crackdown on protests in Egypt.

Meanwhile, the financial situation continues to deteriorate in Europe, which may be the premise for a true monetary (read: political) union of European states.  Also: Senate votes to allow US military arrest of American citizens on American soil; Vatican calls for global political authority; Iran downs American stealth drone; protests in Russia; and serial rapist in Denver allegedly part of secret society.

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11 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 12/11/11: Arab Spring, European Winter

  1. nomemoleste

    Twasn’t hard to find the gnostic 9 ref: http://secretsun.blogspot.com/2008/06/council-of-nine-and-star-trek-pantheon.html

    But let’s put Trek in end-time pantheon form:

    1 Worf – the beast – apollo (antichrist)
    2 Data – the false prophet – diana (balaam – lunatic)
    3 La Forge – death & hell – mars (hell … vulcan)
    4 Crusher – mystery babylon – mercury (witch – doctor)
    5 Ryker – abaddon – jupiter (the destroyer)
    6 Troy – the great – venus (princes – ruling elite)
    7 Picard – the dragon – saturn (satan)

    1 Sulu – the beast – apollo
    2 Spock – the false prophet – demeter
    3 Checkov – death & hell – ares
    4 Bones – mystery babylon – hermes
    5 Kirk – abaddon – zeus
    6 Rand – the great – aphrodite
    7 Scotty – the dragon – kronos (runs the “clockworks”)

    There plenty of warrant for the connection.

  2. Christine C.

    Oh!–I’m so glad to hear that both of you don’t believe the story of our going to the moon, either!–and, yes, the Van Allen belts are only one obstacle that stands in man’s way when it comes to leaving this planet for outer space–but, those belts seem like one of the biggest ‘ties’ that God has provided to ‘bind’ us to this earth, until Christ returns–another ‘tie’ might be the fact that, anything man attempts is so easily foiled by man’s own ability to make ‘human errors’–goof-ups and mistakes–they’ll end by grounding us permenently when people realize into whose imperfect, bumbling hands they are placing their most treasured keepsake–themselves–lol–I even hate to fly in a regular jet plane–it’s so nerve-racking hurdling along at 36,000 ft. going 600 mph, inside what amounts to an elogated tin can–sometimes I think that whole idea is just plain nuts[which they serve to their passengers free of charge now]:)

    Glad you’re back–missed your broadcast alot!:)

  3. Mikael

    Hi, I was reading the Book of Enoch again and there’s so much that directly speak to us in the last days. Start read from Ch 49 for example and it is so very spot on for our time.


    “Arab spring” in I Enoch, Chapter 54, verse 9:

    9 Then shall princes combine together, and conspire. The chiefs of the east, among the Parthians and Medes, shall remove kings, in whom a spirit of perturbation shall enter. They shall hurl them from their thrones, springing as lions from their dens, and like famished wolves into the midst of the flock.

    10 They shall go up, and tread upon the land of their elect. The land of their elect shall be before them. The threshing-floor, the path, and the city of my righteous people shall impede the progress of their horses. They shall rise up to destroy each other; their right hand shall be strengthened; nor shall a man acknowledge his friend or his brother;

    11 Nor the son his father and his mother; until the number of the dead bodies shall be completed, by their death and punishment. Neither shall this take place without cause.

    12 In those days shall the mouth of hell be opened, into which they shall be immerged; hell shall destroy and swallow up sinners from the face of the elect.

  4. foxfier

    Late response, but I remember the guy who got punched by the old astranaut astronaut- it wasn’t for the question, it was because he decided to man-handle the astronaut’s granddaughter.

  5. Nick

    I think you’re on the right track when you expand the “revived Roman Empire” to include north Africa and the Middle East. We in the West are way too Western-centric about our Bible prophecy. The revived Roman Empire could well have nothing to do with the EU and could be totally Islamic (Egypt,Libya,Jordan,Turkey,etc.) which actually makes alot more sense with all the woes and prophecies in the OT and Revelation that actually name these places rather than Europe. There is an interesting book entitled “God’s War on Terror” by Walid Shoebat that adeptly challenges alot of traditional western eschatology. Worth a read for sure; he’s done his homework as Missler would say.

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  7. ghillie

    Hello foxfier, I believe Bart Sibrel who was punched by Buzz Aldrin did not manhandle Aldrin’s granddaughter but eyewitnesses apparently say that he was right in Aldrin’s face and was being extremely insulting to him. Also I believe Sibrel had approached Aldrin by pretending to be producing a children’s television program. Sibrel,at a later date, apologized to Aldrin.
    Buzz Aldrin ,in another interview ,spoke about the monolithic structure on one of the moons of Mars. Phobos I believe. He said that the Universe? God? put it there.
    Regrets one conspiracy theory and then seems to start another one.

  8. Mikael

    Here is the Bart Sibrel vs Buzz Aldrin incident in question:


    Now I am sure that the Apollo moonlandings were fake, but I still think it’s wrong of Bart to confront Buzz like that. Buzz is initiated into the “brotherhood” and it would be fatal for him if he came out with the truth. If he wants to repent it’s something between him and God. We should be exposing the system above Buzz instead.

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