P.I.D. Radio 11/8/15: Robots and Russian Roulette


Putin-gunWE’RE ALL going to live forever. Transhumanists just want to do it without dying. Today we discuss the drive for immortality through technology, which to us–living forever with unregenerate hearts–sounds like a recipe for Hell on Earth.

We also discuss several stories related to Russia: Putin’s goals in the Middle East, a possible partnership with Israel to develop the Leviathan natural gas field, the ongoing investigation into the crash of Metrojet flight 9268 in the Sinai, Russian programmers plant viruses on sensitive Pentagon computer networks, and the founder of Russia Today (RT) found dead in Washington, D.C.

Also: SETI searches for radio noise from the “alien megastructure”, secret military activity in the ocean near L.A., and all 20 of the “Worst Small Cities in America” are in California.

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  1. dinska

    By the way, President Putin prefers Volodya to Vlad. 😛 I know you’ve got a big stack of books waiting on you but you might want to read his autobiography at some point. It’s not for the faint-hearted, though. He really enjoys being naked and seems to be superfluously at points throughout the book. One thing you might not expect is his great admiration of Germany and it covers the time he and his wife lived there in the 1980’s.

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