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P.I.D. Radio 3/30/08: Vyzygoth – Beyond the Grassy Knoll

SEEKER of truth and deflater of cherished myths, our guest in the bunker tonight is Vyzygoth, host of the long-running Internet radio show From the Grassy Knoll. The title of… Read more »

P.I.D. Radio 8/6/06: Russia Reborn — Like a Phoenix

The situation worsens in the Middle East. While all eyes are focused on Lebanon, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has quietly paid off his nation’s foreign debt, struck a number of… Read more »

P.I.D. Radio 6/27/06: Peter Levenda — Nazis and the Occult (Part 1)

As we go to press tonight, tensions in Israel appear to have boiled over and armored forces of the IDF have rolled into the Gaza Strip. More details will no… Read more »