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VFTB 025: Doug Elwell — Osiria

Continuing the theme of last week’s discussion with Judd Burton, we talk with researcher and author Doug Elwell about the Ancient Near East before the Flood. Doug talked about a land, nearly hidden in myth, known to researchers as “Osiria”. The ancient Egyptians remembered that Osiria, led by Athens, fought a war against Atlantis just before the Flood. What evidence remains of this antediluvian world? Who was the god-man Osiris? And why are some secret societies apparently trying to recreate the technology of the ancient world?

P.I.D. Radio 7/1/07: Doug Elwell — Giants in the Earth

NEW content! Tonight we feature an interview Derek did this past Friday with Doug Elwell, publisher of the fascinating Mysterious World e-zine and author of Mysterious World: Ireland. The conversation… Read more »