Tag: Ritual Abuse

P.I.D. Radio 5/15/06: Tom Horn — The Days of Noah (Part 1)

We’re pleased to welcome Tom Horn, publisher of Raiders News Update back to the bunker. Tom is one of the leading experts on the transgenic and transhuman movements, and he… Read more »

P.I.D. Radio 5/11/06: Ken Parsons (Part 3)

Prophecy Month moves forward with the conclusion of our three-part interview with Ken Parsons of WarZoneWinner.com. Tonight we discuss just how far along the road to Armageddon Ken thinks we… Read more »

P.I.D. Radio 5/3/06: Russ Dizdar on Prophecy (Part 3)

We present the conclusion of our interview with Russ Dizdar of “Shatter The Darkness”, and we pick up where we left off last night — discussing the prophetic implications of… Read more »