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P.I.D. Radio 10/24/15: Creepy Video Freaks Out the Internet

A CREEPY new video presents a dark puzzle that apparently threatens U.S. President Barack Obama. As of today, nobody seems to know who created the video and what it really means.

P.I.D. Radio 4/24/11: Resurrection Sunday!

CHRIST IS RISEN! And, as Paul wrote, if he be not raised, then our faith is in vain and we are still in our sins. That’s the point of the… Read more »

P.I.D. Radio 7/19/10: Burning Down ‘The Shack’

ONE OF the best-selling books aimed at Christians in recent years, The Shack presents a gospel that the Apostles of the first century would not have recognized. Prof. James DeYoung,… Read more »