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Darkness Walks

HAVE you ever wondered about those disturbing waking dreams in which you’re sure someone is in your room, someone who means to hurt you, and you’re paralyzed, unable to even call for help? Or have you seen something indistinct but person-shaped, possibly wearing a hat, that appears and disappears through solid objects like doors and walls?

Jason Offutt, author of Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us, has seen them, too. And so the creator of the paranormal-themed From the Shadows column has researched the so-called Shadow People, presenting an easy-to-read analysis of the possible scientific, supernatural, and theological explanations for these ghostly apparitions.

Bottom line: if you see a Shadow Person, the best you can hope for is that it leaves you alone.

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  1. Christie

    Well, I think I might have seen ‘shadow people’, but only out of the corner of my eye, if ever–however, I often see what I call “shadow pets”–whether they’re alive, or have past away–so many times, as I’m busy doing things around the house, I think I spot[again, out of the corner of my eye] one of my cats near my feet, and I’ll actually think to go around him/her, and am so surprised when I realize they really weren’t there to begin with–it’s often the same where my dogs are concerned, too–

    –it’s really getting to be annoying!:)–yet, sometimes it’s genuinely comforting, and I don’t mind–so long as it doesn’t turn out to be menacing, as in evil, or something!

    Also–as I awakened one morning not long ago, and as I opened my bleary eyes, I thought I actually spotted the Lord Jesus–white robe and all–standing right near me–I suppose it was just wishful thinking, because, after I closed, then re-opened, my eyes, He wasn’t there any longer–but, how great was all that?! I thought at first, He’d actually come because my time on earth was finally up–or, the Rapture might be about to begin–Oh, how I wish!

  2. Gabe

    I have an interesting experience to share regarding a Shadow Person. A few years ago, my oldest daughter kept waking up at night screaming at the top of her lungs. We would go in and comfort her thinking she was having a bad dream or something to that effect. It would occur on a regular basis and it was starting to bother us. We asked her if she could tell us why she was so scared, she was 2 or 3 years old at the time, and she told us about the “big man with a hat” that she would see in her room. Needless to say this freaked my wife and I out just a little bit. I know that there is so much we cant see going on in the spirit world and that it will bleed over into ours.

    At that point we decided that she was under attack from some sort of demonic entity. We prayed for intervention and for protection of our home and especially her room. After that she has not since had any problems with waking up scared and screaming.

    We gave it about a week or so then asked her if she had seen the “big man” again, she said no, but she also said that “he” told her that “he had to go to work”, hence his absence. the whole thing was a weird experience. I have had experiences before, but none quite like that.

    On another occasion, I entered the room of my second daughter to check on her before going to bed and had all the hair on my body stand on end with the “tingly” feeling. I stopped what I was doing and again prayed for protection and felt calmed afterwords.

    The enemy is quite busy and always ready to deceive us.

  3. kelly

    In 1986 or 1987 saw a shadow man, in fact I saw two. One was a black spiderman shaped figure climbing the wal of my apartment complex, 3 stories, he was climbing the wall and was up to the 2nd story, it frightened me enough to turn over to not look anymore and I then saw the red eyed shadow man wearing the fedora hat. He was in the mirror i could see across my bedroom. He turned, just as i saw him, to look at me with his red eyes. He was clearly a shadow of a man without any face, just eyes. Then I was completely fear stricken and jumped from the bed with myheart racing rushed out of the room. I heard someone whispering my name next, twice, very clearly.. my boyfriend was at my front door and wanted me to sneak out, so he whispered my name into the crack of the door to awaken me. I was never so glad to see his face through that peephole. I told him the whole story. I can’t remember how he reacted but it has been a memory that often scared me to think about. When I heard you talking about the shadow man w/ red eyes and fedora hat I immediately was covered with chills from head to toe and had to come share my story. I thank God He has led me to hear your show!! I prayed for knowledge and have been drawn to learn everything I can about what is REALLY going on ever since. I have listened to several shows on podcasts and am looking fwd to many more! thanks for letting me know i’m not the only one who saw this.
    In 1989 I also had my bed shake, very gently, i thought my girlfriend was shaking her foot in bed as she was sitting up studying and i was trying to go to sleep. I asked her to stop shaking her foot and she said she thought i was shaking my foot.
    we both leapt from the bed to place our hands on the edge to feel nothing then calmed down enough to get back into bed only to have it start again. Then we heard my name whispered, just as i had heard years earlier from my boyfriend the night he was at my door. “DeShawn…. DeShawn” My middle name which friends and family call me. We both ran screaming to the living room and called a catholic priest who asked us to call back at 8am and he would come over to bless the house.
    It’s a rather long story.. The short version is that I believe I experienced some sort of intervention to help me realize I would soon cut my hand at work, I didn’t get the message however.
    In 1986 I had lights turn on and off, unplugged the lamp and it came on again. I had been told that if I didn’t want to be bothered by ghosts I would have to tell them that they were not welcome there and they woudl have to leave.
    As crazy as it may have made me look, I walked to the front door and opened it to tell the “entity” it wasn’t welcome in my house and had to leave. Sternly.

  4. kelly

    accidentally hit submit.. So after telling it to leave I did have the shaking bed thing and fedora hat shadow man happen after, so I don’t think that was what made it all stop. A girl at work came up to me the day after th ebed shook and said to me “you’re having some troubles ’round your flat”
    We had never talked before and I wondered how she knew so I asked and she said she had been sent to me and was a wicca witch. A white witch she said. She told me to sit in a circle of white candles and that she would usually do it while sitting in the bathtub. She said this helps build up your shield. I am episcopalian and have no idea about anything having to do with the occult, but I felt she knew what she was saying was somethng that would help and I was willing to try. She said they don’t like grren and blue light bulbs, so I bought some. She also mentioned that if it wanted to hurt me it would have already. It was trying to communicate with me and that if I wanted to allow it to communicate I could hold a pencil and look away while I said “use my hand, use my hand” and it could then write with my hand. The next morning while sitting in a booth at a whataburger, the booth began to shake just as the bed had. I took a pencil from my purse and a napkin from the table and said use my hand, twice.. outloud.. as butty as it all seems. I felt like I was scribbling in circles and then after about 10 seconds i looked down and saw i scary looking drawing of a witchy hand with pointy fingers. About an hour later i had a deja vu at work and cut my hand with my box cutter I had just chnaged the blade out for the 1st timme on.
    I haven’t had anything else happen since that incident.
    I read about shadow people a few months ago and wondered if it was all photoshopped nonsense created to lead us all astray and into these areas of psyops and disinfo.
    Please let me know what you have heard of to stop them.

  5. LeeAnn

    My 5-year-old son has had “nightmares” about a red-eyed shadow man since he was 15 months old. By the time he was 3, he wouldn’t go near the windows or the sliding glass door at night unless the curtains/blinds were drawn because the shadow man was outside watching him. He would scream hysterically, shaking and crying, every night, sometimes several times. When he was 4, he started sleeping with us because he said the shadow man said it was going to kill him. He doesn’t see him when he sleeps with us. He even has trouble going into certain parts of the yard because he can clearly see larger trees, where he says he can see the red eyes in the tree watching him.

  6. Found

    This has been going on at my house for three years or more. As a child I saw things like shadows and often had night terrors as they call them but I now know it was more. At first I thought that I was crazy. Biblically this couldn’t happen because there are no ghost. However, I then remembered that 1/3rd of the angels were sent to earth to live during the fall. SO my take is that this shadow creature that so many are seeing is demonic in nature since, I do not believe in ghost. I came back to my faith about 5 years ago and started to see and sense weird things happening shortly after. You know it is like a room is 50 degrees and you are super cold but when you look at the temp gauge it says 72. Just feelings that make you want to run from a room in terror when you don’t know why. Then it all started.
    My son now three began to play with an imaganry friend that he named George. During this period of time I would see a small all black figure running up and down the stairs on occasion. (Once again thinking I was losing my mind I just dismissed that the two began to happen around the same time frame. ) Then my son would be upstairs and I would hear him shouting at someone, ” George leave me alone.” After a while I told him he was not to play with George anymore. Then the nightmares started I would dream George was a shadow with no face. One night I awoke to the feeling of an odd presence on my room. I looked over just in time to see a large shadow walking into my sons room just as he moved through the doorway I heard my son scream. That was enough for me we moved.
    I talked only to my husband and my mom about this situation. (My mom said as a small child I would always talk a bout a man in the closet with no face.) Anyway, a couple months quitely passed and all was well. Then out of nowhere everything began again. This time I had a daughter who was a couple months old as well. upon the appearance of the shadow creature things went seriously wrong. My husband lost his job, everyone became sick all the time and now not only was I seeing this creature but my son (and I suspected my daughter) were as well. I began praying to God to take this from us. He did, for a time, and we moved again. Now four houses later with the same thing happening and getting worse all the time we have quit running from this being. It always finds us , and now I know I am not crazy because my husband always is awake praying above me on days I see this thing. He can sense it is there but not see it. I don’t know why my son and I can see it and my husband and other son can not , or why my daughter sees things sometimes and not others. I do not fear this shadow any longer for he can have no power over my household unless the Lord grants it to him, and if the Lord uses this to teach me something he will not allow any true harm to come to any of us. Greater is he who is in me then he who is in the world. I believe that Satan had no reason to bother me when I was treading along life caring about no-one but myuself, but once I began to go seek souls for the Lord he decided to try to distract me with this experience. About 3 months ago I decided that the more stones Satan threw the more I would be the vessel the Lord used to win souls. Things around here have been quite for about three or for months now, which is a record for the past few years. I just hope people know that they are not alone in there expereinces and that God can get them through.

  7. Christine

    I have had night terrors all my life, except for a brief period when I was 15-18. When I was a child I would see a man with trench coat and top hat, but his face was not a shadow…it looked like scribbles in crayon of all different colors? has anyone seen this… He had no eyes or nose just all scribbles. This has stayed with me, usually he would be i an attic standing behind a trunk he wanted me to open, or at the end of an alley. (in my terrors) I also would sleepwalk whenI was a child. Now my night terrors are intense and leave me very scared and I always feel that whatever was chasing me or wreaking havoc and violence in my dreams is around….only for about 10 minutes or so, then I have to turn on a light. I usually start hyperventilating when I feel the prescence gone and cry. Why is this happening…My husband says shake it off, its just a bad dream. Well, it feels so real and like I have been drained of all energy. It sucks..I don’t have them nightly. It seems I could go weeks w/out one and then BAm….2 in a week or more. Always thought it was mental or something until I heard a growl in my ear one nihgt and have had some scratches last year.. That is when I started reading online and feel something is going on here….:(

  8. jean

    I have seen the tall shadow man with the hat. He never said anything ..I never forget him though. One of my sons had night terrors..He saw a man in the closet with no face a shadow. I t happened till we moved… Some one once told me that he is a data keeper maybe checking on things keeping track?? I have no thought on who or why. do you?

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