Derek and Sharon Gilbert

SINCE March, 2005, Derek and Sharon Gilbert have been sharing their take on cryptopolitics and things that go bump in the night. Those initial podcasts (back when ‘podcasting’ was a brand new idea) were rough–recorded through a jury-rigged setup of string and wire and duct tape.

Always ready to share a laugh and an opinion, the Gilberts emphasize the joy of living for Christ in the midst of doom and gloom news.

New shows are typically produced on Sunday evenings. All new shows are available on demand and can be downloaded and burned to disc or loaded into your favorite mp3 player.

40 comments on “Derek and Sharon Gilbert

  1. Tom Merry

    Hi you two,

    I love your show and the faith you express in Jesus Christ. I like the direction you are taking for better quality recording, etc. Thank you for being there and being such an encouragement.


  2. john hennessey

    Please take my email off the pid cafe site and facebook as friends i am getting ALL the emails and it is taking up my business space and i can not get anymore i get two of each PLEASE take me off the site contact list ASAP

    from one beliver to another this is out of hand ok sorry about this but i am getting tons of your PID cafe facebook emails hundreds and I do not want them thank you

  3. Derek

    Hi, John: I understand the problem. We can remove you from the page. You can also change your preferences in Facebook so you won’t receive those emails. That’s what I’ve done; more than half my daily email was coming from Facebook groups.

  4. Catherine

    Hello Gilberts!

    I am a pod cast subscriber and I listen to your podcasts in the evening when I go on my daily walk. I LOVE your shows!! They are always so interesting and informative, and I love the way you two relate together…GOD has blessed you with a seemingly awesome relationship, it does a heart good to see that and makes me smile inside. Just wanted to encourage you all that you are making a difference and producing a WONDERFUL podcast…I hated it when you all stopped doing that for a while :o( But thanking GOD you’re back!

    Your sister in Christ~

  5. john hennessey

    Hey Gilberts…John Hennessey here…i reread what I sent to you both about the overflow of double the cafe emails to my email…sorry aboutthe TONE of my email to you both you are both GREAT and I pray for youboth and YOUR show I have watched since the begining your growth with podcasting and now yout tube and better audio EXCELLENT and an ecouragement!! Thank you again and keep those doggie pics coming he is so cute! My wife wants one now…thanks guys…

  6. riversong

    Dear Derek and Sharon, I listen JUST because of Sam. I have two dachshunds, so feel connected up front ! Thank you for your faithfulness in broadcasting. The information presented is good and the humor is excellent.

    Love and blessing, RiverSong

  7. Michael

    I’m such a lurker. Been listening to your shows for almost a couple years now. Found you off Revelations Radio.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    Peace & love.


  8. Tom Merry

    Hi all fellow pretribbers! I’ve been pretrib for over 40 years based on Hal Lindsey and my own lengthy study of prophecy. This has been backed up by many I respect including Adrian Rodgers and Charles Stanley.

    Here’s a challenge for you. Search You Tube for Rapture Puzzle Solved by Chris White. He is a solid Christian with great doctrinal discernment from all I can see. His presentation on a pre-wrath rapture will give you something profound to consider.

  9. Wolf VanZandt

    Hi. I just listened to an episode of your radio program on Vampires and Werewolves. It was very interesting, very informative, and, unfortunately, very biased. For instance (just one), your guest, Dr. Burton stated that almost all the portrayals of Werewolves in the past were “bad” and “nasty”. That completely ignores the many positive portrayals such as Bisclavret, William and the Werewolf, Thieme, etc. He focused almost exclusively on the Werewolves of the ancient world and those since the 15th Century. In fact, people during the medieval period were not that negatively disposed toward Werewolves and the same traditions have carried on down to modern times in Eastern Europe.

    There are three types of Werewolf in history. The most ancient were violent, bloodthirsty tribes allied with the Scythians. Those were admittedly not nice people. Around the 5th Century, something happened and the Werewolves of Europe became a part of European society – many, evidently converting to Christianity. Medieval Werewolves were even called the Dogs of God and St. Peter’s Wolves. Peter and Andrew are patron saints of Werewolves. I believe that the legend of Christopher was an allegory of the conversion of European Werewolves to Christianity. The Werewolves between the 5th and 15th centuries were quite obviously not the same people who were called Werewolves after the 15th century. these later Werewolves were evidently sufferers from the clinical disorder, lycanthropy.

    If you honestly want to know about Werewolves, you need to see the other information to get a less biased view. Plenty of that is on my website if you want to look it up.

    But, and this is the important part, a lot of your Christian brothers and sisters out here call themselves Werewolves (or Therians or Weres) and they look an awful lot like the Werewolves of the period between the 5th and the 15th century. Biased representations like that given by Dr. Burton make it really hard for us to dispel the myths. Especially, there doesn’t need to be this division in the church. Christian Werewolves belong to the Shepherd. It’s not our will to be estranged from the church. That’s the idea of modern Christians. But we are what God made us. Not much we an do about that.

    May God always bless and keep you.

  10. Barbara

    Hello to the Gilberts from Toronto Canada. Your shows PID & VFTB have really helped me grow as a Christian and learn more about what we are really up against. But thank God we know who wins.
    I am disturbed to see Evagelical Christians such as John Hagee ( front cover of magazine)& Perry Stone(on website) embracing Glen Beck. Can you suggest a really good foundational teaching and a podcast / MP3 that exposes the false doctrines of the mormons. God Bless and Thank You. Barb

  11. Elizabeth Moon

    First, let me say that I am a big fan of yours. It’s rare when I miss any of your podcasts. I was in iTunes selecting my podcasts and there were a couple that I needed to retain. The PID Radio special with Chuck Missler, for one. When you said that you needed to keep your finger on the rewind button, I just had to laugh. I do the same thing! There’s just so much information that it starts to “leak” from my brain!! Thank goodness there IS a rewind feature on my iPod or there might just be a MESS!! Anyway, I couldn’t find the show and went to your website. Thank you for the the detailed info on how to copy the podcast to my computer’s hard drive!! It worked like a charm. This was my first time to save a podcast. The instructions were wonderful. Thank you for EVERYTHING that you do. The world is a better place with PID and VFTB. God bless you Sharon and Derek!!

  12. Tom and Darlene Schreiber

    Hi, Sharon and Derek!

    Just wanted to let you know….Tom and I just sold our house and God graciously gave us a profit from the sale. So we wanted to thank Him by giving some of the profit to ministries that we believe are truly being salt and light in today’s world. So THANK YOU for being that “salt and light” and please keep plowing His fields.

    Love and many blessings to you,
    Darlene Schreiber

  13. Bryce

    Hey, Sharon & Derek!

    I’ve been listening to your show for years and figured it was finally time to say hi! I can’t tell you how much better my Monday’s are because of your podcasts. Thank you for all that you’re doing for the Kingdom. I really appreciate your Biblical world view and analysis of current events. Keep up the good work, you two!


  14. Marion Skare

    Merry Christmas Derek and Sharon, First of all I want to say I love listening to you guys and really miss you when you are gone. That being said when I was listening to your last show I heard you say that you were going to watch a bunch of old Star Trek shows. I also was a big Star Trek fan and it was interesting to find out recently that Gene Roddenberry was part of a group called The Council of 9 and have looked into that briefly. If this group was occultic and they were speaking with demons, could that explain why so much of what they used way back in the first show is mainline today? Take for instance the communicator. It sure looks a lot like a clam shell cell phone. Look at the computers they used on the show and look how they are used today. Many similarities. Maybe it’s not so much that they could foretell the future, but that they could provide the technology to produce these things in real life. Am I out on a limb here and letting my imagination run amuk? Let me know how you think? Blessings to you, Marion

  15. Joseph

    Hey guys. Any chance of loading all of the old myth arc and super early pid shows back into the archives?

  16. Ken Fresquez

    Derek and Sharon, just to let you know, I am no longer on Facebook. I took my own advice to no longer use it along with calls of others considering issues with it. I still will listen to your radio podcast. God Bless.

  17. robert moffatt

    Hello Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert. On the recent PID interview with Rob Skiba, Mrs. Gilbert mentioned the entity that has bothered her a few times. I do recall hearing some of this on a previous show a while back.

    Is there some page here or on her blog where she has written about this in whole? I found it very interesting, especially when she mentioned that “it” had named itself.

    Mrs. Gilbert, if you have not written such an account, would you please consider doing so, perhaps on your blog site.

    Thank you,

    Robert Moffatt. A grateful listener since 2005 or 2004.

  18. Lisa Schneider

    Hi Derek and Sharon, Mike Bennett gave me a link to your program thinking you might be interested in our project. It’s called The Joseph Project–, and we are working on alerting Christians to the EMP danger, thinking through how we might use this as an opportunity for the great commission. We’d love your feedback, and maybe we can work together somehow.


  19. Gerald Trimmer

    A friend of mine told me about your site. I have wrote two books so far in my Ten Commandments Mystery Series. Trail of a Killer (Thou Shall Not Kill) & Band of Thieves (Thou Shall Not Steal). I self-published, so it is hard to get the word out about my books. I was told you might could help.

    God Bless,
    Gerald Trimmer


    I am writing you to ask you to be my special guest on my show to discuss the novels and unique show. Please read below:
    I have been greatly blessed to serve Jesus in this late hour through am internet live-streaming (and radio) show at the Liberty Broadcasting Network, which is found at I have studied your site and your work. It is quite interesting and engaging. Actually, many Christians are confused or misinformed about this topic, and most are learning from false teachers. Christians want answers and are turning away from God in order to find these answers. In fact, I feel strongly that your knowledge and information could really save and souls and lives at this point in time. Therefore, after prayerful consideration and doing a bit or research, I am asking you to be my special guest on a date that we decide upon. It would be an honor and a blessing to the audience/”congregation.” The name of my show is “REVELATIONS PER MINUTE” (RPM) and my handle is the “RADIO PREACHER MAN” (RPM, AGAIN!). Visit the site, and you will see for yourself that you will get a caring and warm smile along with the REAL truth that will shake you up and wake you up (if you are sleeping!).The show is on Monday thru Friday 6 to 8 pm EASTERN – prime time! You can be on the show for the entire two hours, or just one, depending on your schedule. We are flexible!
    The programs on LBN are internationally heard and watched. Every day, LBN reaches thousands and thousands of listeners and viewers from all nationalities, and the numbers are exploding. In addition to internet radio streams, all programs are broadcasted on 1710 am shortwave.
    Best of all, it is also hosted on in live streaming internet television –
    With all of these avenues, we can evangelize and spread the TRUTH about many subjects that otherwise would be censored. In addition to the live listeners, archives of all shows are available on both LBN and The audience/congregation also participates in the chat room and they call in.
    There is live interaction with the audience/listeners in my chat room –
    Here are snippets of my latest show –
    Please call 386-266-7390 AND LETS SET UP A TIME or BETTER YET, JUST RESPOND TO MY EMAIL AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO BE ON THE SHOW! I WILL THEN COORDINATE DATES WITH YOU. IT’S A VERY EASY PROCESS. On the night of the broadcast, you simply CALL 1-800-787-5044 at 6:05 pm. You can even use bluetooth or a speaker phone so that you are not tied to you phone! I would love to discuss all of your hard work and promote your site and materials, and books/dvd’s (if applicable). My motto is: “The light is in the SON! AMEN!”
    Brian Wilson, Radio Preacher Man
    P.S. We are always in need for funds. I hope God touches your heart to donate. If you want to give money, it’s easy to do. There is a donate button on and hit that donate button and whala, you did it!
    In addition, my wife is opening up a soup kitchen, so please donate canned foods, such as meats/fish, veggies, beans, and soup (powder/canned). Also, other foods such as cereal, oatmeal, baby food, crackers, and protein bars are very much appreciated (and anything else that you can come up with!).
    Also, utensils, paper towels (Viva is great), paper plates and bowls, and even blankets and Bibles are needed. Once the music stops, she wants to be there for people and help feed the ones that haven’t heeded the warnings. It is our duty and privilege to help those in need. You can get many items on AMAZON.COM and just mail it to me from there.
    If you want to send soup kitchen materials or other products, including your books/dvd’s, send to:

  21. Tracy Chatterton

    Hi Sharon
    I have just finished your book “armegedden strain” book one of the “count down series” and it was great liked the concept but I was under the impression it was a squeal of a set of books. Can you tell me how I can get the 2nd book “Nine” I am left hanging and want to get back in the head of Ryder and Maggie. I read you are editing books, please tell me there the count down series. You can e mail me back at this e mail or my yahoo account ………………………..

  22. Landon

    Hi guys,

    So appreciate what you guys continue to do. Last night at 430 am in Farmville Va. I and two other witness saw an amazing display of something going on in the sky to our east. Amazing trails across the sky that were extremely bright. It made me think of your podcast about the chemtrails off the coast of Virginia.

  23. stephen stegall jr

    Derek and Sharon Gilbert, I am writing this letter to let you know that I have something very interesting for you to check out. Its regarding our future. It may take place within a month. I do not know for sure, but it will wake America and the whole world up if it happens. Please take a serious look at these videos. I would send it to Tom Horn, but I do not have a contact where I can reach him. Please forward the videos to him and anyone else that you think might need to see this (Your Audience).

    The videos are on You-tube. Now, I am not sure how much longer they will be there. I know you can’t believe everything if anything on this forum, but it something happens, well I believe it could be another event getting us ready for the New World Order.

    Just so you don’t think I’m some nut. I am a big fan of both yours, I met both of you in Branson Missouri at the Future Conference last year. I listen to your podcast whenever I can. By the way ,I miss you guys/gal. When will your next show be?? I am a bible believing Jesus Freak. I am very conservative, and I don’t just believe everything I hear or see. I research and check things out. If at all possible using the bible first. I enjoy listening to Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, Mike Hoggard, Kent Hovind, PID RADIO, Future quake when they were on and many others (to many to list); due to both Doctor Futures and your shows. My two favorite subjects are Creation (beginnings) and Revelations – End times (Nephlim, UFO’s/ the Great Deception). I have a family of six and I am a part time bible teacher. I truly think highly of you guys and others like you. I am not a dido head, in other words, I do not agree with everything you say, however, I can see where your coming from and I probably agree with 80 to 85 percent of what say. I am praying for you both as well as many other ministries and our leaders. This country is in a world of hurt. Back to the issue at hand.

    Please pray for the situation. I hope and pray that this is way off board. The videos are about the London Olympics in 2012. There are a lot of signs pointing to topics that your show has touched on, such as the Free masons and the Illuminati. To many signs pointing to something possibly happening. I don’t know and I’m not saying that it is true, but people need to be aware of this. I hope, I don’t sound crazy, but my spirit doesn’t feel right.

    I believe you know about Tom’s Book Petrous Romanous the Last Pope. Well, I believe that Tom may be on to something regarding his theories and this could be a prelude to put us and the World at the brink of world chaos(possibly war). The economies of the world are failing (Europe), Iran, and a Israeli conflict, can you imagine what that will do to the price of oil? Then you have Tom and Chris Putnam’s research on this aspect of the final pope and the year 2012. I don’t know what to think, but I would like for you to look into it and at least let your audience know that something could be happening regarding these Olympics (Don’t do anything if you think that this is all hog wash and I’m crazy as a lone). Please see the links below. God Bless and remember that our Lord is the author and finisher of our faith. Love you guys. Later.

    London Olympics 2012 Illuminati Conspiracy? (Full Length) 1hr 15minutes

    WILL 100,000 Die at the London Olympics 2012 ? 15 minutes.

    Your Brother in Christ,
    Stephen Stegall Jr.

  24. Kate47

    I can’t find any contact info for you Sharon, so I will use this comment window and maybe you will see it…
    Your new show, “calendar End” plays very briefly into your conversation, then it STOPS, and jumps to a VFTB show… Tried it 3 times, it did it all 3 times… Like your show, but can’t listen when it jumps to another show like that…:-)

  25. Derek

    Kate: The problem should be fixed. It’s on the hosting company side; the files are fine, but there’s something going on at the other end we need to troubleshoot.

  26. Brian

    Hello Derek,

    I just heard you and your wife on Canary Cry Radio and noticed you were from Indianapolis, which I am from also. I was wondering what church you go to or if you can recommend a church in the Fishers area. Thanks!

  27. Derek

    Hi, Brian,

    Thank you for asking! Actually, we lived in Shelbyville for several years, but we moved to Charleston, Illinois in April of 2011, so we really can’t offer any help. We have some friends in the Greenwood area, but that’s the opposite side of Indy.

  28. Brian

    Ah, I see. No problem. I am still trying some churches around here. Thanks anyway for the reply. And thanks for all that you and your wife do!

  29. Tomasz

    Hello Sharon and Derek,

    first – I am following your podcast for years. I would really really like to thank you for your work, enthusiasm, courage and determination. keeping such show alive for so long requires tremendous dedication, and I am truly grateful.

    I decided to write to you after listening to couple of your past podcast. In particular when you talk about situation on Ukraine, in the Middle East and Nigeria, criticizing the US – or the “West” in general for interfering with affairs of Russia, Islamists in Nigeria or those in the Middle East. I do believe it is important to look at things from various points of view, and I am sure that your comments were genuine and well intended. I cannot however agree with them entirely.

    I was born in Poland, and lived under the – de facto – Russian occupation for about 20 years of my life. I belive i can, and have every right to empathize with the Ukrainians. Russians occupied Ukraine for centuries (in fact they were competing in doing so with us, Poles). They do have a right to self determination, and I fully support them. Why do they hope for the West to help..? I believe mostly for the same reason that we did more than for many years after the IIWW and why the girls in Nigeria _chose_ to attend the classes despite this grave danger of being kidnaped, abused, killed by people from Bokok Haram – it is becasue the West Culture promotes individual freedom. I realise it may sound bit trivial for you but it was a vivid and crucially important reason for my family, and many Poles to fight the Russiam oppresion. The Bizantine system (and the Russians do officially believe to be Byzantium’s heirs) puts the state’s, empire’s interest on top. The best an individual can do is to follow. Having been working for years now in the middle east (I am now located just 2 – 3 hours drive from the center of the ISIS uprising) I see similar type of approach displayed by many of my Muslim colleagues. I am not an expert on Islam, but I suspect in general the attitude towards the individual freedom is similar.

    And one more thing.. i was at lost when i heard your long dialogue defending Boko Haram. People who – in their own words – decided to kidnap, abuse, sold girls who’s only fault was that they wanted FREELY to attend school. No one forced them. While you were preparing for your moving performance on the father’s day, other fathers were crying in despair dying of fear for their daughters. Can’t you see that..? Please. It’s so easy to theorize about a fate of some girls in Nigeria when we are safe in our homes. But there is a drama there. And real life. I just cannot believe anyone can possibly try to defend these people. What would you do as parents if – God forbid – that happened to you? And Why dont you denfend the right of these girls to follow their desire to get education..? I really would like to hope that you can look at things form other perspective too.. as you have proved earlier so many times.

    I am really sorry if this post is emotional. I hope you forgive me if I am unfair. It is however something I really feel passionate about.

    God Bless you,


  30. Norma

    Hello! My husband and I attended the Prophecy In the News Conference this weekend. We are still reeling over all that we learned! We also attended your workshops. Thank you for helping us understand what the “singularity” is all about. You both seemed very down to earth and like fun people to hang out with. We will certainly be tuning in your broadcast! Thanks again!

  31. Faith Ellen Pon

    Derek and Sharon Gilbert I saw you two at true Legends. You both were so cute oh my the two of you are so adorable.

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