VFTB: Paul & Phillip Collins — Survival of the Richest / Interfering in Iran


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WE ARE pleased to welcome back to this site the remarkable brothers Collins, Paul and Phillip, authors of the excellent book The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship: An Examination of Epistemic Autocracy, From the 19th to the 21st Century. It’s been far too long since we’ve talked, and so tonight we try to make up for that long drought with a two-part interview about two of their recent articles.

Paul and Phil collaborated on “Survival of the Richest: Obama’s Corporate Stimulus Package”, and Paul recently penned the analysis “Silencing the Saber-Rattling: How the American Empire Threatens the Potential Iranian Counter-Revolution”.

They discuss the roots of the Obama/Pelosi/Reed stimulus package in social Darwinism and what they term a Promethean faith, the Luciferian concept of self-salvation, and the true impact of American intervention in the budding Iranian revolution.

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5 comments on “VFTB: Paul & Phillip Collins — Survival of the Richest / Interfering in Iran

  1. Phillip D. Collins

    Addendum: After calling for an investigation into the use of federal stimulus dollars to subsidize the relocation of NCR from Dayton to Georgia, Congressman Michael Turner (R-Ohio-3) received an official response from Vice President Joseph Biden last Wednesday. According to Turner, Biden stated that stimulus funds “would not be granted” to relocate already existing jobs from one state to another.

    As for Georgia, Turner stated that the state will have to tap other financial reservoirs to compensate for the $5 million in stimulus money that is no longer part of the NCR incentive package.

    However, according to Turner, there remains a danger of Georgia using other inappropriate sources of capital to facilitate the NCR deal.

    “Georgia is free to seek other funding sources to accomplish their goal of, in effect, buying jobs from our community by funding NCR’s relocation,” Turner said. “The problem with the stimulus is that the monies are fungible. So, even though Biden won’t let Georgia use stimulus funds, we do have to be concerned that there could be shell games going on, where they’re moving monies around in order to accomplish this project.”

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  3. Derek Post author

    That’s the key word, Phil: fungible.

    Stimulus money can’t be used to lure jobs from Ohio? Fine, we’ll use it to build a bridge. And we’ll use the bridge building fund to buy the building for NCR.

  4. Phillip D. Collins


    Exactly. And, as Turner makes clear, the stimulus package’s design is automatically predisposed to making those monies fungible. Turner also observed that, given the immensity of the first stimulus, there’s no way that Biden can play “traffic cop” with all of the money. Again, this raises a disturbing question… was the package designed to operate in such a fashion in the first place?

    Oh, and lest we forget… the ideological pedigree of those advocating a second stimulus package is very questionable. In particular, there is Warren Buffet, who is also a Malthusian population control proponent.

  5. Bert

    The collins brothers are awesome thanx for having them…

    I try not to miss any of thier interviews…

    Great Show !!!

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