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A CHANCE reading of a letter from Confederate Civil War General (and Grand Commander of North American Freemasonry from 1859 to 1891) Albert Pike in which he described a vision of three world wars necessary to bring about one world order set Frank Lordi on a path from curious researcher to dedicated Christian podcaster. Frank, who hosts Wise As Serpents and co-hosts The Frank and Chris Show with Chris White, is the man behind the Revelations Radio Network, a baker’s dozen of podcasts that focus on various topics important to Christians that all, it’s safe to say, fall outside the mainstream of American Christianity.

We talked about what led Frank to pull together this band of brothers and sisters and what he’s learned from the effort.

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Next week: Dr. Michael S. Heiser on the Divine Council.

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  1. John

    Nice interview. The idea of a ‘virtual fellowship’ is intriguing. I heard an interview with Chuck Missler (or maybe it was in one of his studies — don’t remember precisely) where he said that part of his ministry’s purpose is to prepare for the time when the Church may need to go underground. ‘Virtual fellowship’ has the potential to play an important role if the need to go underground actually comes to pass.

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