VFTB 008: Dr. Michael Heiser — The Divine Council


Dr. Michael S. Heiser

THE OLD Testament is a record of rebellion. Fallen angels, placed over the nations by God after the Tower of Babel incident, led the peoples under their control in a war of extermination against the one nation reserved by Yahweh for Himself.

In other words, Baal, Asherah, Molech, Chemosh, Dagon, and the other gods who bedeviled the ancient Hebrews weren’t simply constructs of wood and stone; they were real. They still are.

Dr. Michael S. Heiser, scholar of the Bible and Ancient Near Eastern languages and history, shares the biblical evidence for the Divine Council paradigm and explains why it matters to Christians today.

For a more in-depth introduction to the concepts, read the information Mike’s posted at his Divine Council website.

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8 comments on “VFTB 008: Dr. Michael Heiser — The Divine Council

  1. arthur

    Am downloading the podcast ,divine council,and you raise some serious issues,especially that these gods were real.Will make a full comment after listening to the podcast.
    May want to know the source of the material and your personal religious inclination

  2. Julie

    I’m reading the Divine Council pages right now. This very interesting to me. Maybe I have missed it, but how do you (Dr. Heiser) reconcile Jesus’s words in John 10:34 with your writings and beliefs?

  3. none

    can you please get rid of the Share/Save button. It always pops up in your face. I think it is a distraction and not a service. Thx

  4. Derek

    Julie: Mike addresses that question in an excerpt from a paper he wrote called “Mormonism’s Use of Psalm 82”. You can read the PDF by clicking here.

    Basically, Jesus quotes Psalm 82:6 to “in defense of his divine nature, reminding his Jewish audience that there were in fact other Ä•lōhîm besides the God of Israel, and those Ä•lōhîm were his sons. Because he calls himself the son of God in the next breath, this at the very least puts him in the class of the sons of the Most High of Psalm 82:6–divine Ä•lōhîm.”

    So the phrase, “You are gods”, was not addressed by God to a human audience in Psalm 82:6, and Jesus knew it. (Which makes sense, since he said it the first time.)

  5. Chris

    hi, I have just had my Pastor do several sermons on the material, it certainly opened my eyes, it made ” sense” not a earthly sense if you know what I mean, but a real “spiritual ” sense like scales falling of the eye’s, its really explosive material, because it shows the erroneous teaching of the church’s for so long in the West, it ” fits” how the Hebrews thought ….. makes as to why the Apostle Paul when on the road to Damascus asked the being that appeared to him in the blinding light,” Lord who are you? “.

    Paul would have been aware of other Gods from the surrounding cultures, remember he was not a STUPID person, but he asked a stupid question if you view it with a 20th century mindset, I often wondered WHY he asked, whose Lord are you ????…..now I understand, also why he said that if another Angel ( or being ) stands before you and PREACHES ANOTHER GOSPEL he is to be ACCURSED……

    the wonder of learning all this is that it actually opens up the Bible to make God of the most high, that much bigger and so much more powerful and awsome in his grace for us by sending his son to pay the ultimate price for us mere mortals, also it explains the hatred Satan and his co horts so much better.

  6. elliott

    Why did Jesus send out 72 disciples to take back what was originally His when there were 70 celestial beings appointed? i.e., why the extra two?

  7. Derek Post author

    Elliott: The number 70 and 72 were basically interchangeable from a symbolic standpoint, if I understand correctly. Some translations actually read 70 instead of 72.

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