VFTB 013: Leonard Ulrich — Secret Societies and Bible Prophecy


TIME GROWS short, says Leonard Ulrich. That’s why he’s producing a series of forthcoming documentary films called New World Order: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy. You can watch a rough cut of the first ten minutes at YouTube.

Leonard’s contention is that evil in this world is being supernaturally directed toward the emergence of the Antichrist in the very near future, and that the time has come to resist evil as never before. Step one, of course, is to recognize what’s happenening–which, sadly, too many professing Christians do not.

For background, here are a few links to documents Leonard mentioned during the interview:

Leonard Ulrich
Leonard Ulrich in front of a Masonic lodge displaying the date of construction in Anno Domini and Anno Lucis.

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8 comments on “VFTB 013: Leonard Ulrich — Secret Societies and Bible Prophecy

  1. Christie

    What he said about George Washington, and free masonry, was terrific news to my ears!–I began to realize a short while ago, that, the things our parents, grandparents, and our grade school teachers, had told us about many of our founding fathers was actually the truth, and what we were learning today about them was laced with falsehood, and the twisting of information about them, by those who are in the process of trying to ‘hide’ the facts of history–so, I went through a terrible time filled with lots of let-down, at first, then, suddenly, with me realizing the lies were being told to us by those with an agenda–that, some people were actually in the process of altering the facts of history, to suit their own misguided ‘movement’ towards that one world gov. they think will bring them panacea–by actually reading what was written by Washington, and Jefferson, et.al., though, the truth can still be found–at least, for now.

  2. Derek Post author

    Christie: Freemasons claim that Washington was a member until his death, and that, at Martha’s request, George was given a Masonic burial. It does appear from Washington’s writings, however, that he was at least distancing himself from the craft in his last years.

  3. Christie

    HI Derek–that was the best news to me, too!–they also lie about Jefferson, and even John Adams, and somehow both of those former presidents managed to die right on the very same day–July 4th,1826–only hours apart–giving us the impression that God ‘called’ them both home on the very same day–so, the skull-duggery was really getting underway back then, with it’s goal being it working it’s way to the surface, someday–which we can see as about to happen, now–

    –but, it took this insidiousness approx. 2,000 years, of God forcing ‘it’ to work behind the scenes in this world, for ‘it’ to reach this point–2,000 years of lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, and causing mayhem, all from behind–until, now, as God is gradually removing all restraints from them, so that they can finally come out to eventually go to meet their assigned end, we are becoming witnessed to what they practice behind the backs of decent people–

    –and, I have honestly come to view the situation with our own country as this–there have always been two Americas–the one that God loves, which is the openly public one, filled with those who, if they did not, or do not, love God, at least have a healthy respect for Him, so helped make this country one that gave Him a prominent place within, and allowed itself to be used to pursue justice, and bring much more goodness, to and for, people in this world, etc.–

    –and, the America that God hates, which is the one filled with those who hate Him, either openly or deep within their hearts and souls, and have worked since the country’s inception to be capable of handing it over to those for whom they work, who also hate it, and God–

    –and, it was for the America that I know, the one whom God loved, and still does, that I prayed for, as though my life depended on it, over the last few years–not for it to be somehow completely restored, but for Him to prevent those who hate Him from taking it completely over prior to the last 7 years of “Dire Straits”/tribulation hitting this world–and, I truly believe what we are witnessing as the exposure of the evilness that’s been taking place within our own gov., is part of His answer to those prayers–

    –it’s only a type of holding action being performed by Him, but it’s more than I could ever have hoped for when I began to pray, years ago–because, with the passing of every day, as the light of truth in being shined on those who practice such terrible evilness ‘in the shadows’, where most of us can’t even see them, or what they’re really doing, it’s giving us the chance to reach more and more people with the Good News of God’s plan of salvation for them through His Son, Jesus–

    –and, once the “time of the Gentiles is fulfilled”, then, the end will finally begin, for the entire globe–so, there is still time for people to go to Christ, while this time of God’s grace still exists–and, everyone will remain in my prayers, until then–which will be the day I stand before Christ[Amen].

  4. eyesofGreen

    I had never heard of this guy I sure am glad you had him on your podcast! Mr. Ulrich has done a lot of study and gathered this information. I am so glad He did I can’t wait till the documentaries are finished this blows our history books right out of the water!

  5. Coleen Hilton

    Light a candle rather than cursing the darkness please! I tried to check out your “safe” news sources and found some of the information there worse than the garbage feed to us by FOX, which does tend to further the interests of the NWO. Speaking of the interests of NWO, we dodged a bullet by electing Obama instead of Romney.

    Romney is a 33rd degree Freemason, among the top 100 in leadership of the Mormon Church, which is also steeped in Freemason rituals, a direct descendent of Joseph Smith, and has joined the Bohemian Club, as well as Trilateral Commission and others.

    There is also a prophesy written about a Mormon president being elected and ushering in the new “Zion.” The prophesy was written by Joseph Smith, and if Romney would have tried to fulfill it, he would have instituted Marshal law in the U.S. and started WWIII as quickly as possible. It’s not that I believe the “White Horse Prophesy” but I am sure Romney does.

    Even if Obama is the lesser of two evils instead of a reason to hope, why are people disappointed instead of celebrating that we dodged that bullet. Rather than bemoaning Obama’s reelection, why not pray for him. Pray that he learns more about the world and how to make things better, that he wakes up to the truth. Pray for revival for all of us.

  6. Timothy N. Tremblay

    I just watched New World Order Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy, very long but well worth it. Thanks very much. Behold He is at the Door All Glory Reverence Praise and Honor unto Christ The King. There will be Peace for 1,000 years~!

  7. Stephen A. Mendoza

    I saw your video, The New World Order, secret societies and biblical prophecy. I thought it was great. Filled with facts and faith from the word of God. I was wondering on how to get this video to show others, and with the lords help, we can open peoples eyes, and let the spirit guide them. So please tell me how to get this program? Thank You. or my other info, STEPHEN MENDOZA, 327 E. DAYTON AVE. FRESNO, CA. 93704 (559)226-1802. AGAIN THANK YOU AND MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD. THE HARVEST COMES VERY SOON. BE READY!

  8. Mary S. Gribble

    November 8, 2014 A few years ago, I saw a Leonard Ulrich production on the Internet. Mr. Ulrich told, visually and audibly, an accurate history of religions of the world, from infancy to the present hour. The film also included an accurate description of the (non-federal) Federal Reserve, secretly formed for the purpose of personal wealth. Congress was “home for Christmas” at the time of its forming. Every member of the group was connected to the Rothschild plan. How I hope and pray that Mr. Ulrich’s entire film, produced long ago is now available for permanent use on a CD and can be purchased .

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