Tag: New Age

P.I.D. Radio 4/13/08: Russ Dizdar — A New Earth: Is Oprah Right?

OPRAH Winfrey has embarked on a massive program of New Age evangelism, simultaneously hosting Marianne Williamson and “A Course in Miracles” on her Oprah & Friends channel on XM Satellite… Read more »

P.I.D. Radio 1/20/08: Russ Dizdar — The Rethink Conference, Murdered Children, the Texas UFO

Russ Dizdar of Shatter the Darkness Ministries joined us to talk about Dr. Robert Schuller’s Rethink Conference, the rash of murdered children in recent weeks, and the reports of a… Read more »

P.I.D. Radio 3/20/06: Three Years in Iraq

No time for fun and games; it’s Monday’s rant on the news you need: Cyclone Larry batters Australia And Cyclone Wati is on the way Nepalese ‘Buddha boy’ reappears–briefly Milosevic… Read more »