P.I.D. Radio 12/6/05: Stan Deyo — The Tower of Babel and the Return of the Sumerian Gods


Stan Deyo
Stan Deyo

Our guest was scientist, archaeologist, and author Stan Deyo, who discussed the Tower of Babel, Tesla coil technology and how both might have been used as portals to other dimensions — inhabited dimensions.

Stan also revealed that sources inside the Defense Department are whispering about a coming event they call “the return of the Sumerian gods”.


* Stan Deyo’s website
* JP Morgan hires 4,500 grads in India
* Chemical in plastic can damage young brains
* The president’s younger brother on tour with Sun-Myung Moon

Click arrow on the player below to listen now, or right-click (control-click for Macs) the “download” link to save the mp3 file to your computer.

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