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P.I.D. Radio 1/11/11: Aftermath of Tucson

FEAR CAN be a useful tool to a government.  People who are intimidated are more easily led.  We look at how the U.S. government is using its power to discourage… Read more »

P.I.D. Radio 11/19/10: They’re Watching You

APPARENTLY IT’S not enough to scan us at airports, sporting events, or while we’re driving around town, the government is enlisting our banks, ISPs, and childrens’ bus drivers in the… Read more »

P.I.D. Radio 11/16/10: Backscatter at Home

NAKED SCANNERS aren’t just for airports anymore! The Department of Homeland Security now owns 500 mobile X-ray vans that can see you while you drive or relax at home —… Read more »