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P.I.D. Radio 8/16/10: The King is Dead, Long Live the King

33 YEARS ago today, the troubled life of Elvis Aaron Presley came to an untimely end. We discuss some of the rumors and conspiracy theories about “the King” and his… Read more »

P.I.D. Radio 11/09/09: Fort Hood, Orlando, Ukraine

THE SHOOTINGS at Fort Hood on November 5 dominate the news today, and rightly so. We discuss Major Nidal Malik Hasan and his connection to a couple of the 9/11 hijackers. We also discussed an odd detail connected to the shootings in Orlando the day after the terror event at Fort Hood. And what is reported as an H1N1 outbreak in Ukraine continues to spread rapidly. As of today, over a million have contracted the flu, nearly 53,000 are hospitalized, and 174 have died.

P.I.D. Radio 10/26/09: By Any Other Name…

NO MATTER what they call it — “public option”, “consumer option”, socialism, fascism — the end will be the same: more control in fewer hands. It’s been coming for two thousand years, but we know who wins in the end.

P.I.D. Radio 8/29/09: Hearing Voices

NO, HEARING voices definitely isn’t a good sign. After learning about the horrific story of Angelo Mendoza, the man who’s accused of biting out the eyes of his 4-year-old son, we noticed a low-level meme running through the news: literally dozens of stories in recent weeks about crimes from murder to rape to arson to suicide allegedly committed by people who claim to hear voices. Our belief is that at least some of these people really are hearing voices, and those voices aren’t coming from beings loyal to God.

P.I.D. Radio 8/4/09: Single Payer Player

AFTER THE excitement of torrential rains this morning and Sam’s big adventure in the backyard this afternoon, settling in to talk about whether or not the president wants to nationalize health care is positively relaxing. Also: it’s President Obama’s birthday — where was he born (hint: it’s Hawaii, and if you even HINT otherwise, you’re clearly a racist xenophobic wingnut who needs to be stopped at all costs)?

Best of P.I.D. Radio: Wesley J. Smith — Being Human

WITH COMPANY in the bunker again tonight, we turn to another timely and important interview. In January of 2007, we talked with author, attorney and bioethicist Wesley J. Smith, whose blog Secondhand Smoke is a must-read if you’re concerned about the direction of medical ethics.

P.I.D. Radio 7/30/09: Memes and Things

TONIGHT’S SHOW is a quick roundup of news that caught our attention, starting with a recommendation by some medical experts that Gardisil, the vaccine against the Human Papilloma Virus, be administered to boys. Also, evil alien memes in TV and movies; the White House Military Office now in charge of continuity of government; and the “son of Krakatoa” is rumbling.

P.I.D. Radio 7/29/09: The Danger Within

TODAY’S SHOW covered a range of topics, but most of our time was spent discussing genetically modified crops and the difficulty in finding out how GM foods affect our health. Meanwhile, H1N1 vaccines are being fast-tracked, with human trials only intended to determine dosage — not whether the vaccines are actually safe.

P.I.D. Radio 7/28/09: Read the Bill!

JOHN CONYERS (D-Mich.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, mocked fellow lawmakers who insist on actually reading legislation before they vote. The message is clear: don’t bother with the details, just trust us. We’ll see if the American public’s opposition to the proposed nationalization of health care stays strong or if something comes along (World Series? Football? Washington scandal?) to distract us.