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P.I.D. Radio 10/18/09: A Tangled Web

WHILE THE world watches the Balloon Boy story, we take a look at a few other things happening behind the scenes. In Iran, a homicide bomber killed 31 people in an attack on the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Iran blames the US and the UK, which is to be expected, but we note that ABC’s Brian Ross reported two years ago that the CIA was at the very least encouraging and advising Jundullah, the Al Qaeda-linked Sunni militant group that’s claimed responsibility for the attack.

P.I.D. Radio 7/22/09: Science and Belief… in What?

PRESIDENT OBAMA selects Dr. Francis Collins to head the National Institute of Health. Dr. Collins professes to be a Christian–but what does that mean, exactly?

Also: Darwin debunked again; Freemasonry and magic squares; and Freemasons on the Moon.